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Where quality and value come together!

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About Us


Alpaca Vista Ranch was founded in 2000 by Gregg and Marci Milius.  My husband, Jon, and I purchased the ranch in December of 2012.  Many people have asked us why we did it and what we are planning on doing.  Here is our story.

It all started about a year before when I began telling Jon I wanted to go into farming/ranching.  I had read an article saying many farmers/ranchers were in their sixties, looking to retire, and very few people were going into the industry.  I wanted a simpler life where I could be home more with our son.  Jon kept asking me what I wanted to farm/ranch.  I told him I had no idea and to find me something.

Well, after months of saying it, I came home from work late one night and there was Jon on the computer.  “I’ve got it!”  He said.  “We need to be alpaca ranchers!”  He had been researching all evening and told me they were a very “green” animal to raise.  There were great tax benefits, they required very little in care, and who can resist their adorable cuddly faces.  I was sold!

The next day I started reading all the information he had collected.  We found some local alpaca ranchers and started to make calls.  One thing you will learn about the alpaca industry is everyone is willing to teach you and answer questions.  You are always welcome for ranch visits, and people want to tell you what they have learned so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Two weeks after we started our research they were having the PACA buddies event in Castle Rock.  We went to meet more ranchers in the area and found out Gregg and Marci were trying to retire from ranching and wanted to sell their house and all their animals.

We decided to call them up and meet.  We immediately hit it off.  We loved their animals and we just had a feeling, “this is what we are supposed to do”.  The next thing we knew our house was sold.  Gregg and Marci were looking for some place to move and we had some of the best support a new alpaca rancher could want.

We come to you now with the full backing and reputation of Alpaca Vista Ranches’ founders and hope to keep their quality care and breeding program going.  We welcome visits and are here to answer questions.  When you start a relationship with us, we are here for you always.  We continue to go by the motto that the Milius’ created in 2000:  Where quality and value come together!

Updated July 29, 2018